Jaasbeauty Body Butter for Normal Skin, sensitive, formulated according to ayurveda for normal to oily skin, babies, Jaasbeauty Hair and Scalp Butter (conditioner) Relieve dry hair and scalp for easier styling with this rich intense moisturizing conditioner. Formulated according to Ayurveda.with instructional video demonstration Jaasbeauty Body Butter for Dry Skin This Intense dry skin moisturizer, formulated according to Ayurveda. Shea Butter, Coconut and Neem Oils sooth, soften and smooth to relieve dry, sun damaged, and flaky skin
Our products are created based on specific skin and hair types to add longevity to hair and skin. We strive to produce the best natural organic beauty products posible. products in development, amla hair lotion, amla hair sprits
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